The Penguins Outdoors

Earlier this week the Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled their third jersey for this season. It’s mostly a copy of the club’s 2017 Stadium Series uniform. Mark Komondor makes his Concepts page debut with this concept as a fix for that third jersey — but I could also see it as a great option for the upcoming 2019 Stadium Series in Philly!


Another Pennsylvania Classic

For this week’s Outdoor Saturday, we revisit the 2019 NHL Stadium Series in Philadelphia. Jerseys haven’t been released yet but Collin Moore is predicting something a bit unusual.


Pens of the Past and Future

The Penguins are reportedly adding a third jersey this season. They're one of a handful of teams I believe will have a completely new design rather than a throwback. Arron Anastasia submitted this retro/futuristic number back in 2016 but it's definitely worth a look today.


The Original 7

Now for something completely different. Forget the Original Six. Lucas Daitchman reimagines the NHL's early days in what he's calling the Original 7. What might the league have looked like if the early part of the 20th century included teams like the Calgary Cowboys, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks?


Penn Stadium Rematch

The Penguins and Flyers are set to meet outdoors again in a Battle of Pennsylvania Stadium Series rematch in 2019. The real jerseys for that game have yet to be revealed, but Bradley DeBode has a pretty great idea in mind.