Mighty Throwback

Alan Waldron swaps in some retro colors for the Anaheim Ducks in this one.


Happy 813 Day!

This gorgeous uniform set from Alan Waldron has to be on the list of my all-time favorite Lightning concepts. It's just excellent. It proves how necessary black and silver are to the Bolts' color palette. And even better — today happens to be 813 day! (That would be Tampa's area code if you hadn't caught on — you know, 813... 8/13. Anyway.)


Green and Red

A lot of people think the New Jersey Devils should go back to their classic green and red color palette. Alan Waldron is one of them and he presents his solution here.

Stars and Bolts

Alan Waldron takes a stab at a Tampa Bay Lightning-inspired set of uniforms for the 2018 NHL All-Star Game. A little busy, perhaps, but it's hard not to like the colors!


Three Ways to Penguin

Alan Waldron returns with a new take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.