Royal Decades


Like the Canucks, the Los Angeles Kings have gone through a number of looks over the decades. With today's concept, Chris Wright mixes a few of them together. See if you can spot all the different eras incorporated into this design.

0629: Beantown Brown

Here's another team we haven't seen much of on the Concepts page lately. Chris Wright presents a brown and gold set for the Boston Bruins. Better than black and gold?

0520: Predicting Buffalo's New Third

The Buffalo Sabres this summer have been offering up sneak peeks of their new third jersey, debuting in the fall. Based on these cryptic photos, some of our favorite concept artists have been hard at work trying to sort it all out. For my money, Brian Brideau has come closest, but not quite on the money.

Dylan Wonka may be on to something, but I've been told the front will be gold and the back will be navy. I don't know why I believe it; it sounds ridiculous. But it's just crazy enough that I could see a team like the Sabres doing it.

Lastly, Chris Wright shares this take. Simple, but a little too Nashville. I think we're going to find that in any number of ways, Buffalo will be distancing themselves from the Predators' look despite going with a primarily gold sweater. I'm looking forward to the unveiling. And not to worry, there will be plenty more of these Sabres concepts to come.

0045: Remaking Rochester in Buffalo's Image

Minor League Week proceeds with another AHL franchise, one not so much in need of a rebrand. The Rochester Americans were hit hard by their league's switch the Reebok Edge uniforms, but it wasn't long before the problems were rectified. So that's not what this concept is about. Instead, Chris Wright demonstrates what the Amerks might look like if they wanted to look more like their NHL parent club, the Sabres, with which they were recently reunited. It's probably more of a lateral move than anything, but it's an interesting notion. Anyone else want to take a stab at redesigning AHL team sweaters to match their NHL affiliates?