Hello Cincinnati

Dan Siegel proposes a new NHL franchise inspired by an old WHA franchise. How about a cross-state rival for the Columbus Blue Jackets? Check out the Cincinnati Stingers.


Resurrecting the Totems

Don't know about you, but I'm enjoying this Seattle Saturday series. We pick it up today with a new Seattle Totems concept from Dan Siegel. I still don't like the name, but this look isn't bad.


Merry Christmas to All

Ah, right. Getting my holidays mixed up. Or am I? What do you call it when Easter falls on April Fool's Day? I'm going with Christmas. And anyway since I hibernated right through last Christmas, I didn't get a chance to share this awesome concept from Dan Siegel. He calls this team the North Pole Legends, fittingly.

I would imagine they play every game outdoors on the most pristine sheet of ice you can imagine. Smaller than average players, though.


Devils of the Past

Dan Siegel proposes the New Jersey Devils resurrect their original colors with this concept.

Nice Knights

The regular season debut of the Vegas Golden Knights is just around the corner and I haven't posted a good concept for them lately. Dan Siegel has come along to help out with that.