Merry Christmas to All

Ah, right. Getting my holidays mixed up. Or am I? What do you call it when Easter falls on April Fool's Day? I'm going with Christmas. And anyway since I hibernated right through last Christmas, I didn't get a chance to share this awesome concept from Dan Siegel. He calls this team the North Pole Legends, fittingly.

I would imagine they play every game outdoors on the most pristine sheet of ice you can imagine. Smaller than average players, though.


Holiday Spirit

It's been a holiday tradition around here since 2012. Once a year Matt McElroy pours his talents into a special Christmas sweater design. He took this one in a new direction but it's always a treat for us to see what he'll come up with next.

If you want to see his previous designs again, look no further. Which is your favorite?

Hope you all get lots of new jerseys tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

King Claus

The day after Christmas just happens to fall on a Freak Out Friday. So it's the perfect opportunity to showcase a clever holiday Kings jersey by David Kerr. They really need to wear this. Now.

Merry Christmas from McElroy

An Icethetics holiday tradition continues for the third year in a row. Once again, Matt McElroy has created a unique Christmas sweater like only he can. And be sure to check out his past work from 2012 and 2013.

Matt points out that he actually came up with this design prior to the reveal of the Sharks' and Kings' 2015 Stadium Series jerseys. He's regular trend predictor, isn't he?

0677: A Very Wild Christmas

So often the Minnesota Wild are given a hard time for their "Christmas colors." And whether you agree or not, today one is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that. First up is Mat Ware whose created home and alternate jerseys to go with the team's new road sweater.

Next is a sweater by David Parkinson who put together just the right combination of red and green for that holiday feel.

On the other hand, Justin Nahhas went with a green jersey and still achieved a similar effect.

Finally, Dylan Wonka presents a pair of jerseys. The white one is pretty solid, but the Wild but the green one has some very merry striping if you ask me.


Before you go, I've got a bonus concept that was tailor-made for today. Our favorite 8-bit artist Al McCready recreated the Stars' and Hurricanes' new uniforms in his unique style. Merry Christmas!