Preds in Navy

The Nashville Predators are unlikely to have a new third jersey next season, but give it a year or two and something like this concept from Zayn Bartlett is pretty likely.


Pred Repair

Among the inaugural batch of Adidas Adizero NHL jerseys, there were certainly a couple of glaring blunders — the worst being the Nashville Predators. So here today is Dallas Kirkpatrick to take a stab at fixing them — now that we're into the second round of the playoffs.


Preds Improvement

So we've been through nearly a full season with the Nashville Predators wearing their new uniforms. I don't know about you, but they haven't grown on me. Chris Fortier has a pretty great solution though and he presents that today.


Fixing Nashville

With the new season underway, it's become pretty evident that the Nashville Predators' new Adidas jerseys are a big swing-and-a-miss. Those yellow shoulders on the white jersey? It's not working. But that said, Steven Grant has a possible solution for us today.

A New Season Begins

Guess what. Hockey's back! As a new season begins — the first with 31 NHL teams — Alan John Herbert helps us celebrate by offering up his full redesign of the entire NHL. New jerseys for every team. Which ones do you like best?