Aussie Rules Football

I don't spend much time here talking about my real job or personal life — because, who cares. But it's a bittersweet day so I'm making an exception. A great, longtime friend and colleague is leaving Seattle for a new job in Colorado. Today is our last day working together.

Try to imagine a Floridian (me) bonding with an Australian (him) over hockey while living in Seattle — a city without a pro team. It's a weird story to say the least. And in addition to hockey, he's a big fan of Australian rules football. So when Noah Balkovec sent in hockey uniform concepts for all 18 teams in the Australian Football League, I had to save it for today.

Anyway, the Lightning visit the Avalanche in Denver on Oct. 24. See you then, Toby!

Modern Detroit

Noah Balkovec was inspired by the Red Wings' 2016 Stadium Series jersey. It's an interesting set and, for my money, manages to retain the classic feel of their existing uniforms. Not bad at all.


Matching Minnesota

Some people prefer teams to have matching home and road uniforms. Noah Balkovec helps the Minnesota Wild find their matching look today.


The Czechs

Noah Balkovec helps us continue the Olympic Sunday theme this week with his take on the Czech Republic.

Cats in Action

Noah Balkovec shares his retro-inspired take on the Florida Panthers today.