Flyers Simplified

I always love the simplicity of the designs Petter Furå puts forth. This Philadelphia Flyers concept is no exception. And that may well be one of the best Liberty Bell logos I've seen.

Subtle Stars

Petter Furå had an idea to bring back the Dallas Stars' old green star jerseys — but with a little more subtlety. Do you see it?


Petter Furå is back with another brilliant design. This time he's tackling the Calgary Flames in a way I've never seen it done before. In his email, he writes:

I know that some people consider Calgary Flames to be one of the untouchables, at least their logo. Well, it may be a classic but I still think it's kind of a boring logo.
So, here's my take on the Flames. I think they have a jersey set that is way too busy. My version is a jersey set that brings back the classic feel yet with a darker red to create more contrast.
I also made a brand new logo idea. My thought is that it resembles that of a firebird while it at the same time is made up of the letters C (the lower part) and F (both red parts).

The Seals Resurrected

If the Oakland Seals were still playing in the NHL today, I'd have suggested they hire Petter Furå to redesign their logo and uniforms. No matter what they would've had, this would've been better. Positively stunning.

The Desert Knights

Today's the big day. The NHL's 31st team will finally have a name. So this is our last chance before the big reveal to have a guess as to what it might be. Petter Furå is going with the Desert Knights for this gorgeous and surprisingly colorful concept!