See the Seals!

We're taking a break from the outdoor concepts this weekend to imagine what the Oakland Seals might look like if they were still around today. Dallas Kirkpatrick has a beauty on his hands.

The Seals Resurrected

If the Oakland Seals were still playing in the NHL today, I'd have suggested they hire Petter Furå to redesign their logo and uniforms. No matter what they would've had, this would've been better. Positively stunning.

The Other Forgotten 50th

In recent weeks I've shared concepts celebrating the 50th anniversary of the North Stars franchise but we shouldn't forget about the sixth team that joined the NHL in 1967 — the Oakland Seals... or the California Seals... or the California Golden Seals. Or whatever.

Bryan Dyck imagines what they might look like now if they'd survived and how they might be marking 50 years in the league.


0188: Oakland Freak Out

It started innocently enough. John J. Woods was designing this new sweater for the Oakland Seals when he suddenly saw new potential in that old logo. And that's where the freak out angle comes in.

0082: Sealing Up California Week

I know what you were thinking. California Week lasts four days but there are only three NHL teams in California. Means we have to double-up on somebody right? Wrong! As you can see, Bryan Dyck has a modernized Oakland Seals uniform concept. There's not enough contrast in his primary logo so it's hard to make out on the white jersey, but that's my only issue with this set. Otherwise, I kind of like it.