The Golden Knights

Yesterday saw the reveal of the name and logos of the Vegas Golden Knights! But noticeably absent were the team's uniforms. That means loads of speculation here on the Concepts page until they finally do. Dawson Elliott gets us started with this set, based on a banner design in the NHL's official online shop.

The Desert Knights

Today's the big day. The NHL's 31st team will finally have a name. So this is our last chance before the big reveal to have a guess as to what it might be. Petter Furå is going with the Desert Knights for this gorgeous and surprisingly colorful concept!

Las Vegas Knights

Some sort of Knights will be taking the ice in Las Vegas in 2017. It seems Bill Foley will soon be ready to tell us exactly. While we wait, Avi Stein shares this idea with us.

Nevada Knights

It's been fun handing Sundays over to concepts for the NHL's new Las Vegas team. Kevin Flagler is pitching an identity for the Nevada Knights today. What do you think?

Las Vegas Nighthawks

One of the names that's been tossed around for the NHL's Las Vegas expansion team is the Nighthawks. Adam Del Monte ran with that idea for today's concept.