Big Cats

With word coming that the Panthers have new logos and uniforms coming next season, you should expect to see more Florida concepts on this page. But this one from Stephen Griesmer came to me long before the recent rumors. He submitted it way back in April 2011 and I just re-discovered it in the Icethetics Concepts vault. It still stands up pretty well!

Mile High Remix

We've been remixing it up the last two days, so why not another? This time Stephen Griesmer has  toyed with some logos from Colorado's hockey history en route to a new jersey for the Avalanche. I think it would've made a decent Stadium Series sweater.

0465: Flashing the Badge

We've got a theme-within-a-theme every day this week as we continue with the Dallas Stars concepts. Today, our artists look at rebranding the team with a old west sheriff motif — badges all around. First up is Thierry Dick's take, which incorporates the badge for the captains' letters.

Next, Tom Fulery (I'm sure that's his real name) went with something a bit more shiny.

And lastly, Stephen Griesmer presents a design that isn't overtly sheriff-y, but definitely has that feel about it. He's created a full set of jerseys that includes a rather unique alternate option.

0348: Two Blues for Tampa Bay

We've seen lots of great color schemes for the Tampa Bay Lightning on the Concepts page over the years. But Stephen Griesmer's might be one of the best that doesn't utilize black. The two-tone blue color scheme is really quite striking.