Avs Alts For Primary

Ryan Christensen reimagines the Colorado Avalanche uniforms with their alternate logo as the primary.

Rocky Freak Out

In this Freak Out Friday, Robb Clarke combines the Avalanche and Rockies franchises for a crazy Colorado powerhouse.

Avs in Navy

The Colorado Avalanche may or may not have their new third jersey present at their Fan Fest at the end of this month, but I am expecting them to go back to their 2015 alternate. Here, Lucas Daitchman reimagines that jersey a bit with traditional striping and the Avs’ primary crest.


Avs Inspired By Rockies

Alex Stockman makes his Concepts page debut today with a unique cross between the Avalanche and Rockies.


Handmade Avs

What would the Concepts page be without regular hand-drawn contributions from Morgan Edwards? Here's his latest take on the Colorado Avalanche.