A Canucks Solution

If the Vancouver Canucks ever decide to switch to a uniform kit that they'll never have to change again, something like this one by Thierry Dick would definitely do the trick.

Land of Green & Gold

What do you think of Thierry Dick's simplified color palette for the Minnesota Wild?

Arizona Overhaul

What do you say we give the Arizona Coyotes a new set of uniforms that better fit their logo and history? Thierry Dick has just the thing.

Nashville Simplified

Thierry Dick has a pretty solid simplification of the Nashville Predators' uniforms for us. It's not trying to be traditional, but it still feels like a hockey sweater. What do you think?

Fixing the Sens Seems So Easy

I know I've said it before but I never cease to be amazed by the phenomenal concepts fans can come up with for the Ottawa Senators. I say I'm amazed because even now the Sens are still one of the worst-dressed teams in the NHL.

The latest in the string of top-notch designs comes from Thierry Dick, who's gone back to the team's original logo for his three-sweater set. Very well done.