Wild In Red

Here’s a fun idea for a Minnesota Wild third jersey from Neal Bonnah-Hawkes. The Wild wore a red jersey for many years, but never with the primary crest.


Wavy Isles

In a revisiting of his Islanders concept from June, Evan Needell takes another shot at giving the team a distinct new look. But it's still freaking me out.


Emeralds City

Evan Needell has a Seattle concept for us today — the Emeralds.

Island of Orange

We have a newcomer today! Evan Needell takes a stab at predicting the New York Islanders' new third jersey based on the minimal information we have about it to this point. (And in anticipation of the question, I believe the bowtie shoulder patch is a tribute to Bill Torrey.)


Bonus Stars

I wouldn't change the Dallas Stars' primary uniforms, but they may need an alternate this fall. Anyone think one of these jerseys from Ryan Christensen might do the job?