Preds in Navy

The Nashville Predators are unlikely to have a new third jersey next season, but give it a year or two and something like this concept from Zayn Bartlett is pretty likely.


Buffalo Throwback Mix

You can tell we're getting closer to Friday, can't you? This concept is very close to being a bit freaky. But I have been reading tweets and emails lately from an ever-growing group of Sabres fans who'd love to see this retro logo make some sort of a comeback. What do you think?


California Ball

October has finally come! We've reached the time of year where baseball gives way to hockey in the world of sport so we have something a bit unusual today. Zayn Bartlett has redesigned the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings jerseys with inspiration from their MLB counterparts.


Traditional Florida

Zayn Bartlett gives the Florida Panthers a more traditional makeover using their existing logo package.


Subdued Knights

We've seen a lot of Vegas Golden Knights jerseys concepts that are rather flashy — much like the city itself — but Zayn Bartlett is trying something a little more subdued today.