The Classic Division

Tyler Kochan is bringing back the classics today.

Remember the Whalers

If only we could have them back, right? What great branding Hartford had. Dallas Kirkpatrick gives the Whalers a try today.


Holy Hartford!

Caz Williams would like to freak you out today — and what better way than by ruining the untouchable Hartford Whalers?

Minty Fresh

We haven't seen the Whalers here in a while. Time to fix that. Dylan Nowak writes:

Long time no submission! Here is my home and away set for Hartford in the Adidas template. This is my hope if they ever came back. I wanted a brighter color set for Hartford. As my cousin said, "minty fresh."

Goodbye Gordie

It's long overdue, but today we have an appropriate tribute to Mr. Hockey for the Concepts page. Jamie Robertson imagines a gorgeous return of the Hartford Whalers.