Original and Outdoors

The Red Wings and Maple Leafs have already met for an outdoor game in Michigan. But what if they did it again for, say, a Heritage Classic match-up in Canada? Cameron Ferguson has a great pair of uniforms for just such an occasion.

Outdoor Originals

In a rematch of this year's NHL 100 Classic, Orion Taylor envisions a future Heritage Classic between the Senators and Canadiens. And I don't mind saying I kind of prefer his jerseys.


Outdoor Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Pennsylvania will be taken outside again next season. So who else thinks it's time to get the Battle of Alberta in the elements as well? Dallas Kirkpatrick offers up a couple of uniforms.


Stripped Down

The Maple Leafs have played in their fair share of outdoor games in recent years but if another one's on the way, Jake Miller has a rather stripped down idea here.

Dual Heritage

There's wide speculation the Senators and Canadiens will meet for an outdoor game next season and Chris Fortier is offering a possible preview of what that game might look like. As a bonus, he's got a second potential Heritage Classic match-up between the Habs and Maple Leafs.