World Cup Re-Bourne

With the 2016 World Cup of Hockey winding down this week, Andy Bourne reimagines the jerseys for the six nations taking part. How do they stack up to the real ones?

World Cup of Adidas

Adidas takes its first stab at hockey uniforms next fall with the return of the World Cup of Hockey. Jon Cardner puts forth his take on what those uniforms might look like.

0674: Russia in Sochi

Better late than never, right? As Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics, you might wonder if they could improve on the jersey Nike gave to them. So continues Eric Westhaver's series. Here's his write-up on the design choices.

Say what you want about the Russians, but no one disagrees with their place at the rink. Internationally, only one country has done better (three guesses who). Since I always thought of Russia as a highly industrial nation, I wanted to throw that in with simple chest stripes, a square stencil font, and a print eagle on the back. The third is a throwback to 1954, their first international title.

0360: The Russians

International Week continues today with a concept for Team Russia, as designed by Steven Grant. The Russian resort town of Sochi will host the 2014 Winter Olympics less than a year from now.