Classic Upgrade

Jon Cardner submitted this Winter Classic set prior to the leak this week on Icethetics. You could say he was a bit clairvoyant! And in some ways, I think he might've done it better. The shoulder striping on the Hawks jersey is certainly an upgrade in mind. Would you disagree?


The New Totems

Here's a new Seattle concept from Jon Cardner inspired by the Totems.


Good To Be Kings

Jon Cardner envisions the L.A. Kings in gray jerseys today. And no, that's not a jersey that's gray in the front and white in the back — it's two jerseys, one where you the front, the other the back.


Blues Without Gold

What would the St. Louis Blues look like without those gold accents? Jon Cardner has an idea.

Retro O's

Jon Cardner tackles a redesign of the Ottawa Senators' uniforms for next season.