World Cup Re-Bourne

With the 2016 World Cup of Hockey winding down this week, Andy Bourne reimagines the jerseys for the six nations taking part. How do they stack up to the real ones?

World Cup of Adidas

Adidas takes its first stab at hockey uniforms next fall with the return of the World Cup of Hockey. Jon Cardner puts forth his take on what those uniforms might look like.

0667: Sweden in Sochi

If you've been unhappy with the new national team jerseys come from Nike, you've got to be excited to see what Eric Westhaver has been doing the last few weeks. His Olympic jersey concepts have been pretty spectacular if you ask me, and he continues to hit the mark with Sweden this week.

0512: Check Out This Swede Jersey

We head back to Scandinavia on this International Sunday with a Team Sweden sweater from Steven Grant. Gotta like a team that doesn't have a white jersey.

0442: Team Sweden

Happy Cinco de Mayo! ...From the good folks of Sweden. If I had a Mexican concept to share on this International Sunday, believe me I would. Instead, you'll have to settle for this superb Swedish sweater from the ever-busy Matt McElroy.