Tar Heel Pride

I'm kicking off a new Saturday series today that focuses on college hockey. Many of you have asked for it and some great designs have started rolling in. This one for the University of North Carolina was actually sent in last year by Dylan Alexander. I'm happy to finally share it.

You guys also asked me to include photos of what the school's existing hockey uniforms look like to compare with the concept art. Being a southern school, it's not surprising that ice hockey is merely a club sport at UNC. But I did find some photos on the club's Facebook page.

0585: By Dylan Alexander

Dylan Alexander is a frequent contributor with a distinct style and he's the next to be featured in this special week of concept posts. First we get a look at some third jersey options for the Blackhawks.

Next, we have Dylan's attempt at fixing the Hurricanes' new uniforms. He proves it's really a simple task. Put the storm flags back!

As a bonus, here's a college concept for the University of North Carolina. Dylan's done an awesome job giving the Tarheels a makeover. Looking forward to seeing what he tackles next.

0337: North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels are the featured team on this University Sunday. Adam Ravenhill put together this UNC concept for us today.