0567: Team Canada in Sochi

Skipping our Winter Classic Saturday series today for something more timely. On Thursday night, the world got a sneak peek of what may be Team Canada's 2014 Olympic jersey. With that in mind, a few concept artists have toyed with the idea. Francis Matte has a revised version of the red sweater along with a white one to match.

Adam Ravenhill decided to stick with the Nike design for the red jersey and also add a white version. Any chance the maple leaf in the middle of that one could be white? Or is that sacrilege in the Great White North?

And now for something completely different. Devin Durocher submitted this one last week, prior to Thursday's leak. He writes: "It's very simple with a few accents. There is a gold 8 in the V of the collar for the 8 golds Canada has won at the Olympics. Also inside the collar at the back of the neck it says TRUE NORTH."

Thoughts on these designs? Are you worried about the official unveiling of Canada's sweaters?

0553: Heritage Classic Revisited

The 2014 NHL Heritage Classic has been a popular subject of concept art lately. This week, Adam Ravenhill presents his hope for Canada's outdoor event. His Ottawa jersey comes straight out of the history books while that Vancouver jersey blends a few eras if I'm not mistaken.

0472: Unveiling Day, Part 1

This day is a little unprecedented. Two NHL teams are unveiling new uniforms today. So in order to get some last-minute concepts out before the official reveals, I'm actually doing not one but two separate concept posts. Hurricanes are up first right now with the unveiling set for 12pm ET, then the Stars later this afternoon ahead of their unveiling, which will be around 6pm CT.

Up top, frequent contributor and GM of the IceHL's North Carolina Nighthawks (imagine that) Brendan Anderson takes a stab with his prediction for Carolina's new look. It's based on the bits and pieces we've seen over the last 12 days from the Canes' Instagram teaser photos.

Next another regular, Brian Brideau, tries his hand. I think ultimately, we might see a mix of these two designs. Brian's paid attention to the template change, which shows the shoulder seam beneath the nameplate instead of above it. But he doesn't seem to have the dual striping pattern or the new font.

All signs point to the Hurricanes opting for non-matching home and road jerseys with this new set. That's what Adam Ravenhill had in mind when he made this concept. Not sure where the Jets-style striping comes from on the red jersey, but it's not a bad look. What do you think of the idea of non-matching jerseys?

Remember to come back this afternoon for one last set of Stars concepts ahead of tonight's unveiling.

0337: North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels are the featured team on this University Sunday. Adam Ravenhill put together this UNC concept for us today.