0075: Vintage Seattle

Vintage Week wraps up today as Micah Loyed gives us Seattleites something to think about. He's resurrected the Seattle Metropolitans. Here's how he describes the design: "The main crest has a nod to the Supersonics but incorporating 'Seattle' in a manor that is a tad more legible than the beloved 'Seattle on the path of the S' design."

But wait, there's more...

This one is just a bonus. Micah also put together another Emerald City-inspired concept for us. Thoughts on the Seattle Warbirds?

0074: Vintage Dixie Flyers

Micah Loyed's Vintage Week is straying away from the NHL now to look back at a minor league team from the 1960s — one seemingly tailor-made for a vintage concept series. The Nashville Dixie Flyers played in the Eastern Hockey League from 1962 to 1971. They're known for their purple and gold uniform colors.

0073: Vintage Bruins

Vintage Week rages on with a fantastic retro-style Boston Bruins concept by featured concept artist Micah Loyed. The set even includes a 90th anniversary patch — an event which is still a couple of years off. Still, with great colors and a beautiful uncluttered design, I've yet to see anything bad from Micah in this series.

0072: Vintage L.A. Kings

Last week I posted a Los Angeles Kings concept which, while I liked it, was widely panned by readers. As Vintage Week carries on, I've got another perhaps to make up for it. Micah Loyed's retro style jersey and logo designs are absolutely stunning in my opinion. If all of the design world starting working toward this type of look and feel, I think we'd all be better off. But then I may be alone in that line of thinking. What about you?

0071: Vintage Maple Leafs

Vintage Week continues on this Winter Classic Weekend as Micah Loyed provides another great concept, this time for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The instinct for many may be to dislike it since it doesn't feature the classic Maple Leaf shape, but the style is certainly very retro.