Original and Outdoors

The Red Wings and Maple Leafs have already met for an outdoor game in Michigan. But what if they did it again for, say, a Heritage Classic match-up in Canada? Cameron Ferguson has a great pair of uniforms for just such an occasion.

Caps of New and Old

Cameron Ferguson has a cool idea for redesigning the Washington Capitals uniforms — with modern colors and a retro 1990s look.

Powder Jets

With the Winnipeg Jets slated to add their first-ever third jersey this year, enjoy this powder blue number from Cameron Ferguson today.


One Hundred Year Rivalry

As tired as we are of seeing the same teams year after year in the NHL Winter Classic, you can't deny that the Bruins and Canadiens make for a great match-up considering their history. Cameron Ferguson suggests this for a future date to be determined.


A Century in 2026

In a few years the New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks will each turn 100 years old. In preparation for a 2026 NHL Centennial Classic between the two clubs, Cameron Ferguson put together this set. Not a bad look, actually.