What's in Store in St. Louis

On Monday, I posted a graphic depicting the design of the new home jersey the St. Louis Blues have on the way. Today we're looking at a couple of concept artists' interpretations of what the white road version make look like.

We start with Nick Burton who seems to have pretty much nailed it. The only thing he's missing is the hanger effect design on the collar.

That's where Thierry Dick comes in. He shares not only his take on a road jersey but also his ideal set of Blues sweaters. But I have to be honest when I say those feel a little more Buffalo than St. Louis to me. Though it is a fine line given the similar color palettes.

This last design from newcomer Justin Evans was sent in prior to Monday's post but I thought you might like to see it just the same. This is the Blues jersey he'd like to see.

0471: Last Hurrah for Dallas

The big day is tomorrow in both Raleigh and Dallas. But since the Hurricanes aren't changing their logos or colors, they're not quite as fertile ground for concept artists as the Stars. So I've got one more Stars post featuring three unique attempts. Avi Stein leads off with the starry D.

Icethetics regular Justin Nahhas did a little something in the style of the Lightning — in fact simply recolored actual Lightning jerseys to come up with this set. It's a solid color scheme.

And finally, Thierry Dick squeezes in his second Stars concept in less than a week with this gorgeous kit. He's employed the logos that were leaked a couple weeks ago.

Which of these three styles is your favorite for Dallas? And how eager are you to see what the team actually has in store tomorrow?

0465: Flashing the Badge

We've got a theme-within-a-theme every day this week as we continue with the Dallas Stars concepts. Today, our artists look at rebranding the team with a old west sheriff motif — badges all around. First up is Thierry Dick's take, which incorporates the badge for the captains' letters.

Next, Tom Fulery (I'm sure that's his real name) went with something a bit more shiny.

And lastly, Stephen Griesmer presents a design that isn't overtly sheriff-y, but definitely has that feel about it. He's created a full set of jerseys that includes a rather unique alternate option.

0208: Montreal Fauxbacks

Are the Montreal Canadiens in need of a third jersey? Probably not. But Thierry Dick has put together a couple anyway using some old logos on jerseys that — while they feel old — aren't. A worthy set or is seeing them once enough?

0148: Duck... Duck... Mighty!

All right, so on Friday I was just messing around with Ducks fans. Today, not so much. Thierry Dick has created a handful of great Anaheim sweaters that seem like they're only a moment away from being worn in an actual NHL game. Great look! Way to own the orange!