Edmonton Revisited

Here's a cool idea for an Edmonton Oilers third jersey from Colin May. His series of alternates continues to impress — at least me, if no one else.

Do it, Ducks!

Now that the Anaheim Ducks have properly nailed their home and road uniforms, it's time to get creative with a new third jersey. Colin May proposes orange with some classic elements.

Jet Grey

I know I'm always bringing it up but a Winnipeg Jets third jersey is inevitable. And perhaps Colin May has the perfect design in mind. Thoughts?

Show Your Fangs

Colin May has a "fang-tastic" new Predators third jersey for us today.

Big D Black

In the next few years, the Dallas Stars will likely get back into the third jersey fray and when they do, Colin May has just what they need. Sure, the sleeve stars feel like more of an All-Star Game gimmick — but heck, it is a third jersey, right?