Cat Trio

In the debut edition of NHL JerseyWatch 2016, we learned the Florida Panthers may be considering new home and road sweaters. Brandon Holmes has some ideas for the perfect full home/road/alternate set.

Want All the Money, Buffalo?

The Sabres need to do two things to get people to give them all the money. First, make the blue jersey. Second, make the white jersey. Then give all that money to Brandon Holmes to thank him for his services and call it a day. That's that. Anyone disagree?

Yellow Freak Out

Brandon Holmes has a neat third jersey idea for the Buffalo Sabres, but after the last yellow jersey, I'm worried this one may be slipping into Freak Out Friday territory. Yep, it did.

Just Blues

What if the St. Louis Blues were just blue? No gold. Brandon Holmes has an idea.

Coyote Head & Shoulders

Be prepared for Coyotes concepts at least once a week leading up to the unveiling of their new uniforms. Today, Brandon Holmes shares some cool ideas for a classic look.