Toronto Centennial

We're giving the minors a break on this Sunday so Tristan Mani can have the whole weekend to showcase his ideas for the Toronto Maple Leafs' upcoming 100th anniversary next season. Here he has new home and road jerseys along with a pair of throwbacks.

Toronto Takes It Outside

Welcome to Tristan Mani's Toronto Weekend — in honor of their upcoming 100th anniversary next season. Today, since it's Outdoor Saturday, he's offering up some appropriate concepts. First there's a Winter Classic between the Maple Leafs and Rangers. Then there's a Heritage Classic between the Leafs (dressed as the Toronto Arenas) and the Senators. I particularly like the red version of the Sens' heritage jersey!

Big Star

What's it going to take to get the Stars to bring this jersey back? Tristan Mani proves it would look great, especially with the new logo.

Le Bleu

Who's ready for a blue third jersey in Montreal? Tristan Mani seems to be and I'm with him. And as you can see it really doesn't have to be much harder than reversing some colors.

Brooklyn Black

The New York Islanders are expected to unveil their new third jersey today. So I thought we'd take one last look at some concepts before it becomes official. Jamie Robertson's design is a good example of how a black jersey could work for the Isles.

Tristan Mani was inspired by the supposed leak from two weeks ago, but he didn't like the lack of orange. It's a mild improvement.

Michael Nagin submitted this design that probably would've otherwise found itself posted on a Freak Out Friday. "I figure if you are going to go to Brooklyn you may as well embrace it," he says. And that he did.

Lastly, I wanted to share this one because Patrick Clarke submitted it on Oct. 16, 2014 — a full 11 months ago — and it's shockingly close to the alleged leak. Was Patrick psychic?