New Leaf

The Toronto Maple Leafs will sport new uniforms this season. Dylan Nowak suggests a couple of tweaks to improve them. What do you think?

North Stars Freak Out

A lot of hockey fans would probably like to see throwback North Stars jerseys back on the ice in some form. But I'm afraid Dylan Nowak seems to have highlighted all the worst parts of the old Minnesota team's identity with this look. Why that logo? Why a yellow jersey? Then again, it's still better than some of what turns up in NHL games night after night.

Ranger Danger

It's a risky proposition to redesign the classic sweaters of the New York Rangers, but Dylan Nowak may be on to something with this jersey. The shield isn't necessarily a deal breaker either.

Blue and Gold

I'm not sure the Sabres have ever looked better. Dylan Nowak should win an award for this concept. It's that good.

Sens and Stripes

Inspired by the Senators' heritage jersey, Dylan Nowak proposes a full set in similar style.