The Classic Division

Tyler Kochan is bringing back the classics today.

The Forgotten 50th, Part 2

Last week we imagined what it might look like if the Stars were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of their franchise. Bryan Dyck tries his hand today with a slightly different look that puts more emphasis on the club's time in Minnesota.

The Forgotten 50th

In the all the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversaries of the Penguins, Flyers, Blues and Kings, it's easy to overlook the two teams that entered the NHL with them in 1967 — the California Seals and the Minnesota North Stars.

The Seals didn't survive a decade, but the North Stars still exist today as the Dallas Stars. In 2013, the franchise celebrated 20 years in Texas, but what if they had decided to honor their full legacy this year? That's where Rob Siergiej's concept comes in. He imagines a pretty stellar third jersey to mark the occasion.

North Stars Freak Out

A lot of hockey fans would probably like to see throwback North Stars jerseys back on the ice in some form. But I'm afraid Dylan Nowak seems to have highlighted all the worst parts of the old Minnesota team's identity with this look. Why that logo? Why a yellow jersey? Then again, it's still better than some of what turns up in NHL games night after night.

Stars of the North

The Minnesota Wild recently announced their Stadium Series participation next season will include an alumni game featuring players from both the Wild and the Minnesota North Stars. That got a certain segment of the population crossing their fingers for the North Stars jerseys. So how would you feel about Tyler Kochan's updated take on the classic identity?