Wild Without Wheat

It's been a while since the Minnesota Wild have made a Concepts page appearance, so Ryan Christensen helps us rectify that today. He's opted for a set that turns wheat to white and better aligns the home and road sweater designs.


A New York Oddity

I've been staring at them for a while but I'm not quite sure what to make of these New York Rangers jerseys from Ryan Christensen. This submission has been collecting dust in the vault since June 2016 — Ryan's a very prolific artist!

He submitted them with no comment. Here's what I've decided. They're from an alternate universe. One in which Original Six teams like the Rangers wear "vintage white" every night — save for that rare third jersey occasion when they "clean up" and sneak in some real white. I don't know. What do you make of them?

Fixing the Flames

The Calgary Flames' current jerseys have a weird mix of vertical and horizontal striping. Time they fixed that and Ryan Christensen has a great solution right here.


Bonus Stars

I wouldn't change the Dallas Stars' primary uniforms, but they may need an alternate this fall. Anyone think one of these jerseys from Ryan Christensen might do the job?

Freaky Sabres Six Pack

Here's a fun one. Over the years, Ryan Christensen has submitted plenty of concepts to Icethetics. But his Buffalo Sabres' designs have always struck me as a bit odd. So I've gathered them all up for one big Freak Out Friday. Enjoy!