0266: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 1

I've got a great new series to debut today. It takes Winter Classic Weekends to their next logical step. The Brothers Waddell — Chance and Jake — have designed Winter Classic/retro-style uniforms for all 30 NHL franchises... whether they have the history to support it or not. Some are seriously good, some are just fun.

Now rather than doing one big dump of 30 jerseys (where many would simply get overlooked), I'd like to roll them out over the coming winter two at a time. Today we start with the Penguins and Kings. Again, retro style jerseys with no specific ties to the team's past. Just something unique and interesting.

Remember, Chance and Jake have designs for all 30 teams so we have 28 to go. How will I decide which two to post next? I won't. You will. The first two were picked at random. The next two will be picked by the first commenters on this post. Comment with the two teams you'd like to see next. First come, first served. Check back next Saturday morning to see them!