0371: Waddell's Winter Classic, Finale

Love it or hate it, this is the end of the Winter Classic series brought to you by the Waddell brothers, Chance and Jake. They created mock throwbacks for all 30 teams. And today, we wrap it all up with the Bruins and Flyers — opponents in the real NHL Winter Classic in 2010.

With this sub-series complete, we have a handful of unique and varied Winter Classic concepts to come over the next few weeks. If you have an idea for a design, send it along!

0364: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 14

The Waddell brothers' Winter Classic series is nearly complete. After 26 teams, we're down to the final four. Today, I've opted to share their fauxback creations for the Buffalo Sabres and Phoenix Coyotes.

That leaves only the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers — the two teams that met up for the real outdoor NHL game in 2010. Check back next week to see the big finale of the Waddells' fun Winter Classic series.

0357: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 13

We're coming down to the end of the Waddell brothers' long-running concept series. This week we get the Capitals and Sharks, as requested by Bastian last weekend.

Normally, I let you guys pick the next pair of teams. But since we're down to just four remaining, I'm going to take the reins in the home stretch. Check back next Saturday to see which two teams will be next! (By the way, I'm betting there will be someone who doesn't read this and posts their request anyway. Let's see if I'm right.)

0350: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 12

The Waddell brothers' Winter Classic series is starting to wind down. Only six more teams remain. But for today, we get a look at their fauxback designs for the Flames and Jets, as selected by commenter MDM. (Technically, MDM was second to comment but the first picked the Oilers, which we've already seen.) I think we've got a couple of really neat looks for these teams.

If you'd like to choose the next two teams, be the first to comment. But make sure you don't pick a team we've done already or I'll move on to the next comment.

0343: Waddell's Winter Classic, Part 11

This weekend, Chance and Jake Waddell bring us the next set of jerseys in their Winter Classic series. Last week, Caleb was first to comment and asked to see Columbus and Tampa Bay featured in this one.

If you want to pick the next two teams, you know what to do.