Fixing the 2015 Stadium Series

Sitting between two Stadium Series jersey unveilings, this Outdoor Saturday is the perfect opportunity to showcase a fix for both teams participating this year.

Matt McElroy, who created the graphics for last week's sneak peek on the blog is back with what he would rather see on the ice in February. For the Sharks, he's added some extra orange striping and is a major proponent of this type of striping wrapping 360 degrees around the sweater.

But ultimately, it's a lot like what the team actually unveiled yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Kings will unveil their jersey on Tuesday and this is about as far away as you can get from the rumored grey and white design. If these two jerseys ever saw action together, it might be reminiscent of an NHL All-Star Game from the '90s.

What do you think of Matt's Stadium Series uniform sets?