Force of Nature

The Carolina Hurricanes were one of the NHL's biggest winners in the Adidas uniform redesign pool. Still, Adam Rickert has a cool idea that would've been almost as good.


Stars Past and Present

A simple proposal comes from Adam Rickert today — combine the Stars uniforms of the past with the logos of the present.

Sensing a Change

A story bubbled up yesterday that has the new man in charge of the Senators contemplating new uniforms for Ottawa. While he's talking about the "O"-centric heritage jerseys, Adam Rickert has another interesting idea here.

Bright Stadium Makeover

The 2017 NHL Stadium Series jerseys may be a bit drab, but Adam Rickert has an idea to brighten up the proceedings come February. What do you think?

After 100 Years

The NHL Centennial Classic is right around the corner and as of today, the jerseys still remain a mystery. So what will the Leafs and Wings wear? Adam Rickert has a guess.