Bringing Mighty Back

The Ducks' black and orange look has been with us for nearly a decade now. But that hasn't stopped talented concept artists from trying to bring back the Mighty Ducks. Alan Moore has made some tweaks to the original look — and transferred orange from the current identity. Absolutely outstanding if you ask me.

Coyote Freak Out

It's the first Freak Out Friday of 2015 so it has to be epic. And this one from Alan Moore really is. Yeah, see what he did there?

0663: Tampa Bay Fauxback

Alan Moore has merged the Lightning's current look with its original one. Here's his explanation:

Here's a Lightning alternate concept. It's more of a logo concept than a jersey concept, as the jersey is almost identical to their pre-Edge look. I do like their current home and away, but I think the alternate is out of place now.

I modified their existing secondary logo to look more like their original primary mark, adding a silver background and using the shape of the original bolt but with a more modest drop shadow. Sort of a fauxback idea.

I also applied a blue drop shadow to their existing number font. It's intended to be a throwback to their first season look.

0475: Disney Duck Freak Out

The Ducks seem to be an easy mark for Freak Out Fridays. But I really love what Alan Moore has done both in terms of color scheme and adapting the logo from those classic Mighty Ducks movies. If not for the logo, I might make a case for these jerseys to one day hit the ice in Anaheim.

0190: San Francisco Sunday, Part 4

We're continuing the San Francisco Sundays series of potential secondary logos for the ECHL's new franchise, the Bulls. We start with Antonio Calisto's attempt. It's pretty sharp but it does lack any representation of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Alan Moore produced a series of Giants-style logos with horns protruding out of them.

And Ryan Muraro didn't just intertwine the S and F together but also with the Golden Gate Bridge. Not a bad look, but maybe a little less with the gradients. But it does go well with the team's existing primary logo.