The Last Prediction

Last looks before it becomes official tomorrow. Joe Lomma gives us one more prediction of the new Vegas Golden Knights jerseys.

0490: Winter Under the Arch

On this Winter Classic Weekend, we look far into the future. All the way into 2015. Joe Lomma is predicting a outdoor game at Busch Stadium between the Blues and Blackhawks. It could happen. I like the logo and the St. Louis sweater. Chicago? Really not a fan of that much vintage white.

0316: Elmhurst Bluejays

The University Sunday series picks up with Illinois' Elmhurst College. Joe Lomma designed this uniform set for the Bluejays. You can see what the team actually wears via their Facebook page.

0244: Long Island Freak Out

Will the New York Islanders move to Brooklyn? If it does happen, Joe Lomma has a suggestion for how to change the logo. Just don't freak out about it.