Colorado Classic

It's always nice to get a contribution from Justin Cox — even better when he's tackling his hometown Colorado Avalanche. He's taken the Avs' third jersey and made it the focus for a new home and road set — with cues from last year's Stadium Series uniform.

On the Field

We're still waiting to see what the Red Wings have in store for the Stadium Series game in Colorado. In the meantime, Justin Cox submits this great-locking set for the big game.

Colorado's 20th

Tomorrow brings our first official look at the Avalanche's revised jerseys. Over the weekend I mentioned that will likely involve a new shoulder patch. So that's what Justin Cox is attempting for us today.

Avalanche Control

Now that we've gotten through all of what's new in 2014, let's look ahead to 2015 and what other teams are in dire need of new uniforms. Many would argue the Colorado Avalanche fit the bill and Justin Cox has just the solution in time for the club's 20th anniversary in Denver.

Halifax Raiders

We're staying in Nova Scotia this weekend with today's custom team. The Halifax Raiders are a joint effort by Justin Cox and Mat Ware. Mat sent along these excellent designs, the quality of which would easily fit into the IceHL Project.

Justin and Mat went all out creating this identity. They created five logos and four jerseys — including alternate and Stadium Series designs.