The All-Star Fix

Next weekend, the NHL's best gather in L.A. and though we're all thrilled to actually see the league go with four All-Star jerseys this year, some of us think the designs could use a few tweaks. Rob Siergiej handles those duties, writing:

While I like the design of the L.A. All-Star jerseys, I felt the color layout left a lot to be desired. So I rearranged the colors, getting rid of the multiple shades of silver/gray, to come up with jerseys that pay homage to the Kings' uniform history as well as that of the game itself.

The Forgotten 50th

In the all the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversaries of the Penguins, Flyers, Blues and Kings, it's easy to overlook the two teams that entered the NHL with them in 1967 — the California Seals and the Minnesota North Stars.

The Seals didn't survive a decade, but the North Stars still exist today as the Dallas Stars. In 2013, the franchise celebrated 20 years in Texas, but what if they had decided to honor their full legacy this year? That's where Rob Siergiej's concept comes in. He imagines a pretty stellar third jersey to mark the occasion.

Winnipeg Heritage Preview

I know outdoor game concepts are usually reserved for Saturdays but this one couldn't wait. Yesterday the NHL announced the 2016 NHL Heritage Classic will see the Winnipeg Jets hosting the Edmonton Oilers in October.

Rob Siergiej wasted no time in mocking up a uniform set for the event. The jerseys are based on what the clubs wore in 1972 when they originally made their WHA debuts. In fact, this is what Jets chairman Mark Chipman has said to expect. Should be a great looking match-up!

And as a bonus, Rob also put together this set, which is also inspired by the teams' WHA days.