Simply Detroit

Scott Dempsey treats us to a minimalist Red Wings jersey that could look pretty sharp in a future outdoor game.


Coming to the Island

In the JerseyWatch update posted over the weekend, I reported on what the Islanders' new third jersey may look like. This concept from Scott Dempsey — designed almost a year ago, in fact — nearly nailed it. It's orange with the "NY" crest. Just try to imagine blue shoulders instead of blue sleeves and we might be on to something. Stay tuned.

New Jersey Third Jersey

Though we're sadly without them this season, third jerseys will make their return to the NHL next year. When the time comes, Scott Dempsey has a suggestion for the Devils.


Vancouver Gradients

Just to freak us out, Scott Dempsey puts some gradients back into the Vancouver Canucks' uniforms. Happy Friday! Enjoy the long weekend.


Friday in Boston

I'd love to see the Bruins with a brown uniform, but I'm not certain this is the way to go. Scott Dempsey has given Boston a bit of a soccer treatment in this interesting set.