Thrashers Remix

I'm paying a quick visit to Atlanta so I thought I'd give the Thrashers a little love on behalf of Lucas Daitchman. He's done a bit of a remix of the club's old sweaters. Kinda sad they're gone.



These jerseys are a little out there, but if the Atlanta Thrashers ever came back — after the first flying pig is born, of course — they wouldn't be half bad. Another interesting one from Ryan Christensen.

Remembering Atlanta

It's been five years since the last time the Thrashers skated on NHL ice, but I do miss them — if only for their interesting colors and this great logo. Andy Bourne has put together what could've been an awesome uniform set for Atlanta.

The Freaky 4

We're wrapping up another theme week today with four Freak Out Friday concepts from Bryan Dyck — including a Thrasher blast from the past. What do you make of the black Caps?

Thrash This

Throwback Week takes us to Atlanta, a city now four years without an NHL franchise. What if they were still around? Might they have gone the Sharks' route to oversimplify their uniforms. Dallas Kirkpatrick thinks it's possible.