Barons of Today

Michael Artman makes his Concepts page debut with a reimagining of the Cleveland Barons if they were still around today.


Columbus-Cleveland Crossover

What if the Columbus Blue Jackets decided to pay tribute to their Ohio hockey predecessors? Avi Stein has created a full set that makes use of a Cleveland Barons-inspired logo.

If the Barons Survived

If the Cleveland Barons NHL franchise had survived, they'd be turning 40 years old this year. Bryan Dyck imagines the jerseys they might have worn this season.

Five By Dallas Kirkpatrick

Dallas Kirkpatrick is not afraid to be creative. He has some great designs to share here. And it's not just existing NHL teams he's playing with. Check out his modernized Cleveland Barons. Plus, he's throwing in his idea for a future Las Vegas NHL team called the Nevada Bombers.

Cleveland Comeback

Andrew Bourne is back on Icethetics once again, this time with his take on the defunct Cleveland Barons. I say bring them back and put them in these jerseys! Great look!