0530: Taylor's Take Three

Ross Taylor is rather proud of Colorado Rockalanche concept — a combination of the Avs and the Rockies. As well he should be, as it's among the highest rated concepts of all time on this site. But he's revisiting it again — only this time he's adapting it specifically for the Colorado Avalanche. Future Winter Classic or Stadium Series game?

0160: Rockalanche Redux

The highest-rated concept ever posted on Icethetics came on a Freak Out Friday just over four months ago. It was Ross Taylor's Colorado Rockalanche — a fusion of the Avalanche and the Rockies, which came decades before them. It keeps coming up again and again so Ross keeps working on it. Today, he brings us a revised uniform set complete with a brand new wordmark.

0083: Blending Buffalo's Brands

Ross Taylor continues to surprise week after week with his Freak Out Friday series. Just when you thought there are no more teams left to do, he finds another. This time it's the Buffalo Sabres, who've endured more than their share of identity issues over the last 42 years. But with this set, Ross is ignoring the Buffaslug years. Pretending that era never happened.

I have a bonus for you today!

One of Ross's earliest creations was also his most popular. Readers had a lot of love for his Colorado Rockalanche concept (a mix between the Avs and Rockies) back in March, so he decided to put the full uniforms on display.

0034: The Colorado Rockalanche

Ross Taylor is tossing NHL history into a blender for a three-week series here on the Icethetics Concepts page. Last week, it was Minnesota and a mix between the North Stars and Wild. Today he sets his sights on Colorado with the Rockalanche — a combination of the Rockies, who played from 1976 to 1982 before becoming the Devils, and, of course, the Avalanche.

Sure, it's strange, but my goal with this series of posts is to demonstrate that the Freak Out Friday label doesn't have to be a bad thing. There are some very talented artists with some very interesting ideas. I hope we continue to see more of them.