Missing the Nords

Every once in a while I feel the need to post a Quebec Nordiques concept just to remind us what we've been missing for the last 23 years. Anthony Cinerari provides us this one for the Adidas era.

The Classic Division

Tyler Kochan is bringing back the classics today.

What Quebec Coulda Been

If the Quebec Nordiques had never relocated to Denver, they might still be wearing these uniforms today. Dallas Kirkpatrick based them on jerseys unveiled in 1995 right before the franchise became the Colorado Avalanche.


New and Nordy

New week, awesome new concept. Christopher Hyzy imagines a return of the Quebec Nordiques with a sharp set of uniforms. That alternate, though... not sure what to say about that.

Quebec Revisited

There's been a lot of talk about the NHL returning to Quebec. It's tough to imagine anytime too soon, but when they're ready Eric Merritt has a modern take on the Nordiques ready to go.