Outside the Wild Box

We finally have the Minnesota Wild in the right color jerseys — green. But down the road when thirds make their comeback, it might be nice to see something a little outside the box. Taylor Roy has the right idea.

Mighty Eggplant and Jade

The Ducks seem pretty committed to orange jerseys going forward, but that hasn't stopped Taylor Roy from dreaming about the classic eggplant and jade.

Back to Blue Preds

Over the weekend the Nashville Predators became the first team to advance to the Conference Finals in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Today, Taylor Roy takes them back to a blue sweater. But whether it would be a home jersey or a third, you gotta love the gold helmet and pants!

Ready the Cannon

Taylor Roy has redesigned the Blue Jackets' cannon-centric third jersey with this contribution.

A Sweater With Wings

Taylor Roy is experimenting with using elements of the Flyers logo in their uniform design.