Mountain Majesty

Over the weekend the Colorado Avalanche were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. This comes as a surprise to no one but I thought Avs fans could use a little pick-me-up this Monday morning. Taylor Roy has a killer third jersey concept here, doesn't he?

Back on the Isle

New month, new artwork from Taylor Roy. His new Islanders concept has to be one of the coolest I've seen from the Brooklyn club in quite some time. I doubt it will win over the traditionalists, but it could be a solid third option.

Winter Out West

A big outdoor game is on the NHL docket this weekend, but Taylor Roy is looking far into the future for his outdoor concept. He proposes the 2018 NHL Winter Classic as a Western Conference showdown that would have the Avs hosting the Yotes.

Canuck Quality

The Canucks recently announced the spaghetti skate will skate again in the familiar black, red and yellow color scheme. Building on that idea, Taylor Roy removes the skate and reintroduces Johnny Canuck into the mix. I gotta say... I am a fan.

Montreal Mutation

If ever there was a team that didn't need to alter its colors, it would be the timeless Montreal Canadiens. But newcomer Taylor Roy thought he'd freak us out anyway.