0686: Freak Out '80s Style

Tampa/Vancouver Week wraps up with a Vancity freak out. Bryan Dyck is merging the Canucks' 1980s color palette with their new Johnny Canuck logo. It's pretty clever but I'm not sure I'd want to see it anywhere outside the Concepts page. (Note the yellow socks!)

See a pattern forming here? Todd Varga added the 1980s palette to the stick-in-rink logo. Again, makes for a neat jersey set, but probably not one we'd want to see on the ice anytime soon.

Newcomer Dallas Kirkpatrick is just scaring me now.

And finally, I was saving this one. Remember yesterday's Johnny Canuck set from John Elbertson? He included this yellow one as well but it fit so much better with today's theme.

0607: Black Bolts

This is proof the Tampa Bay Lightning need to put a black jersey back into the mix. Todd Varga has put together what could be a great alternate.

0460: Dallas Stars IV

We know the Stars are expected to introduce new logos in a couple weeks, but it's likely the slanted star form will continue to be incorporated somehow. Thomas Hopkins basically kept the logo the same but redesign the sweaters with a lot more green and gold.

Todd Varga, on the other hand, stuck to black and white jerseys, but increased the amount of green used. I can honestly say I like this version better. Might be the simplified logo. I'm a sucker for simplicity.

0330: North Dakota... Um...

You know, on these University Sunday posts, I typically like to use the name of the school and its athletics nickname in the title. But Todd Varga threw me a curveball with this University of North Dakota concept. They used to be called the Fighting Sioux, but a lot of lawsuits and 80 years later, UND simply no longer has a nickname. So there. As for the concept, you know I can't turn down a good green jersey.

0121: Baseball Meets Hockey

The Stanley Cup has been lifted and the 2012 Entry Draft is around the corner. Anyone else want a short break from hockey. Trying something new this week. Of course, Icethetics is still a hockey-driven site, so while all of the concepts will be hockey jerseys, none will be for actual hockey teams. Today's theme is baseball!

We start with Chance Waddell who put together a home, road and alternate uniform for the MLB's St. Louis Cardinals. But that's not all...

Todd Varga has given a similar treatment to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Ridiculous name. What do you think? Should these guys give hockey a try? We've obviously got great uniforms for them.