Nine Designs By Lucas

There are a handful of concept artists who are quite prolific — guys who submit dozens of designs a month. They submit so much that I can't possibly post them all. This week is all about them — nine concepts from each.

We start with Lucas Daitchman, who emails me at least once a week with a half dozen concepts or more. Here's a sampling from his "Defunct Redesign" series.

Maroon in Montreal

Welcome to Throwback Week! For the next few days, we'll be featuring concepts for teams that don't exist anymore — asking the question, what if they did? We're kicking it off with Bastian Schmülling and his modernized take on the Montreal Maroons.

0040: Marooned

This one's just for fun, today. Exactly no one is looking to add a second NHL team in Montreal. And even fewer are eager to rename or rebrand the Canadiens — one of the world's most recognizable brands. But as a flight of fancy, what if the Montreal Maroons ever came back to the NHL? Nick Burton offers his take for our enjoyment. It's cool. And maroon.