Pirates or Penguins

Last Sunday we looked at a hockey sweater inspired by a baseball team. This week we get another. Anthony Cinerari imagines a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. But the crazy thing is it could actually be a great Stadium Series-type jersey for the Penguins!


Nine Designs By Lucas

There are a handful of concept artists who are quite prolific — guys who submit dozens of designs a month. They submit so much that I can't possibly post them all. This week is all about them — nine concepts from each.

We start with Lucas Daitchman, who emails me at least once a week with a half dozen concepts or more. Here's a sampling from his "Defunct Redesign" series.

90 Years in Pittsburgh

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of Pittsburgh's first NHL team, the Pirates. How cool would it be if the Penguins used a jersey like this one by Dylan Nowak for one night to mark the occasion next season?