0347: Vancouver Flashback

Tex Fischer put together this Canucks throwback for the Reebok Edge era. Any interest in seeing it become a third or fourth jersey for Vancouver someday?

0231: The Blue and Vintage White

It's looking less and less like the first Winter Classic to feature a Canadian club will be nothing more than a dream. But that hasn't stopped the concepts from rolling in. This one from Tex Fischer is a little different from options we've seen in the past.

0116: All-Star Overhaul

We can't have a Stars Week without getting the All-Stars involved. And with all the new throwback jerseys being introduced across the NHL over the last few years, it would be easy to see the All-Star Game getting that same treatment. So Tex Fischer put together these retro-style all-star uniforms. The last time the league used orange and black sweaters was 1993. And they'd done so for 20 years. Bring 'em back!

Now this one I probably should've posted a long time ago, but it just got lost in the shuffle. And as I mentioned earlier this week, I'm on vacation and this post was written a couple weeks ago. Therefore I have no way of knowing if the Stanley Cup has been awarded of if the epic Game 7 is happening tonight. Anyway...

Kris Lutes wants to see the defending Stanley Cup champion not only host the All-Star Game but also face the best players from around the league for one awesome match. Theoretically, this would be very cool. In actual practice, not so much. First, you already have players who see the ASG as a punishment for being talented. They don't like having to spend a whole weekend working in another city while less-talented players get a week off to spend with their families. And now an entire team is forced to go without rest. Plus, show me a Stanley Cup champ that's still comprised of the same players in January of the following year. Good luck.

So while it's a fun idea to think about, it just wouldn't work. But what do you think of the jerseys? Pretty sharp, no? I would say maybe do a little something more starry with the defending champ's jersey.

0012: Buffalo's Third Jersey Inversion

Word on the street is the Buffalo Sabres' royal blue third jersey isn't long for this world. The team is expected to dump it at the end of this season. That's too bad because if they ever wanted to make it their home sweater, Tex Fischer has designed the perfect complement for the road. (Oh, and my apologies to Tex for the delay in getting his work on the site.)